New years eve 2020, I was at a party with about 1500 people. I had food, I met new people and surprisingly I danced until the next year. Being an introvert, talking to new people and DANCING was a big deal and in the heat of the moment, I decided that my new year’s resolution would be to be more outgoing and confident. Little did I know that 2020 would be, by far the worst year of my life.

The pandemic affected me academically and socially. All of us attended school remotely, I couldn’t see my friends anymore. I didn’t like speaking in class before lockdown but now it was even more traumatizing because of this I had a lot of pending work. Sitting in front of my computer for 5h I was tempted to watch Netflix which resulted in finishing <50 shows but getting >50 in my exams.

Finally 2020 is over. By far 2021 has been full of realizations. I started attending school with all my attention. I realized that I am fortunate enough to have a computer to attend school remotely. To help people who don’t have devices to attend school, I started a campaign to collect old devices so I could donate them. By doing this many students could attend school and I would have fulfilled my 2020 new years resolution of being confined. My marks are finally improving and I passed 10th (special thanks to CBSE for canceling Board exams 2020-2021).

Resources: Covid cases in India, my gallery.