Panorama Mesdag

Hendrik Willem Mesdag (23 February 1831 – 10 July 1915)

He was a Dutch marine painter.

In 1880 he received a commission from a Belgian company to paint a panorama giving a view over the village of Scheveningen on the North Sea coast near The Hague. This is the enormous painting, Panorama Mesdag.

This is a huge painting — 14 m high and 120 m around — the puzzle is a lot smaller at 15cm x 10cm. It is just a part of the entire panorama. It has 150 pieces and as you can imagine, the pieces are very small. Even though the puzzle only covers a part of the panorama, its size means that there is a lot of detail in a small area.

The puzzle was very complicated. The sky appeared completely white and all the pieces looked the same! The hulls were unique but the rigging was very similar. And the same goes for the sand on the beach.

After beating my head about the difficulty of the puzzle, I finally managed to finish it!

Here it is!