Bangalore- Pune Road trip

Do you like traveling? To be honest I hated traveling especially road trips. Due to covid-19, I had to travel 14H by car to visit my family in Pune. Other than packing and saying bye to my friends I realized that there is more to road trips than JUST traveling.

If I were to travel by plane, the view is amazing but I would be cramped up on a seat for hours. Now, I still saw the best views; mountains; villages, and even how food plays a vital role in the popularity of a place (Kolhapuri Rasaa). I could stop at places, take pictures, listen to music at whatever volume I wanted or even buy last-minute gifts from local stores (Duty-Free).

I even discovered that my parents have good taste in music. I was traveling not only in different states but in different generations. This trip opened my eyes to the calm rural life. Who knew that just a few farms, mountains, and Rasaa’s would help me overcome my hatred for road trips.

Resources: pictures from the trip, Madhura’s recipe, and google maps.