Memory Upgrade

My precious laptop. I use it for everything. Watching Netflix, attending school, talking with my friends, playing video games, etc. Unfortunately, my laptop is more hare than tortoise. Which means that it works in bursts and goes to sleep most of the time. So many applications require a lot of resources, the chief being memory. Investigating this problem made the solution obvious; upgrading the memory!

My dad faced the same problem. He bought more RAM for his laptop. I carefully watched him open up his laptop, unsnap the memory module cover, remove the memory, replace it with the new memory, put the memory module cover back on, and click it shut, finally closing the laptop cover. Before he could say anything  I grabbed his old memory, opened up my laptop, unsnapped the memory module cover, removed the memory, replaced it with the new memory (which is more than what my laptop had), put the memory module cover back, clicked it shut, and finally closed the laptop cover. Now my laptop has the best qualities of the hare and the tortoise.

Such a simple upgrade solved my laptop performance problem. This got me thinking about other problems like poverty, malnourishment, lack of education, pollution, fraud, dirty politics, racism, intolerance, terrorism. I wish there was a simple upgrade that would solve these problems.

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