IGNITE- Volunteering

IGNITE is a 2-day culture fest held at Greenwood High. It is completely organized and run by students. There were a number of events held like: The battle of the bands, Rap, Photography, Poetry, Dance off, Football, Relay, Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, Chess, Swimming, etc. I organized an event on day 1 called Metamorphosis and took the opportunity to record how each submission evolved across the rounds and how teams worked together.

I love photography and I am constantly looking for ways to improve my photography skills. The way to improve any form of art is to practice. IGNITE was a perfect opportunity to test my skills and improve them because it was a combination of different outdoor events like dances, singing, and sports and indoor events like art, esports, film fest, etc.

Due to this diversity, I had the opportunity to explore different lenses and settings for each situation. For example, my event Metamorphosis was held in the design room with artificial lighting and the participants were relatively stationary. I could be close to the subjects and take pictures.

The dance competition was held outdoors under the mid-day sun and the participants were energetically moving constantly. I was at some distance from the stage. These differences significantly affected the settings that were needed in each case for good pictures.

I made a list of events that would be interesting from a photography perspective. At each event, I consciously chose my position, lighting, and settings. At the end of the day, I had taken 1055 pictures. It took me the next three days to go through all of them and I analyzed why a picture is good and how I could improve the bad ones. 

It would have taken me a month to do this experiment without IGNITE.

I learned how to compose and take live-action pictures. I learned which lens and setting to use in different instances. Finally, I met a lot of photographers, compared their photos with mine, and learned from their experience, new techniques, and postprocessing. 

My favorite moments: